Is Your Driveway Covered in Potholes?

Arrange for driveway patching services in Princeton, WV

Tired of dealing with holes and cracks in your asphalt? Reach out to Lester's Paving and Sealing in Princeton, WV. We offer parking lot, patio, walkway and driveway patching services to property owners who want to make a good first impression on guests and potential customers.

Schedule parking lot or driveway patching services today. We're standing by to get started.

What can you expect from our paving contractors?

When you hire us for asphalt patching services, you can rely on our contractor to:

  • Mill out the pothole or use an asphalt saw to take out any debris
  • Pour asphalt into the pothole and make it level with the rest of the asphalt
  • Double-check our work to make sure we didn't miss any potholes

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